lördag 22 maj 2010

Draw mohammed day

Just my participation a couple of days too late. Very basic, made in Paint. Just played around some with rage boy a couple of months ago. It is probable that rage boy is even named mohammed since that is a popular name among the arselifters.

torsdag 14 augusti 2008

Debuting as a blogger weeeeeee!!!!!

Well, since this is my debut in the blog community, don't expect too much this time. However, I will try to improve in future threads though.

So why do I attack islam? Because I see it as the biggest threat in our time. Although other totalitarian ideologies are not entirely dead, they just don't pose a threat at the moment, not like islam anyway, who seem to grow bigger every day. As they are selling themselves as the "religion of peace", anyone who has done their homework knows this is simply not true. Quite the contrary in fact. In spite what others are telling you this is the most aggressive religion in history. Fjordman, another blogger said that all they seem to have to offer us is oil, babies and aggression, nothing else. Look's like he hit the nail straight on there.

Another reason why I dislike them is that they come here in disguise, a wolf in sheep's clothing, claiming to be refugees from war and strife or whatever but their true reason they are invaders coming here and lay us under constant siege. Using our laws, the system itself, to gain advantage over us and if that tactic fails, they soon enough brand us as rascists or nazi's even and that strategy has been very succesful indeed, not only in my native country but in other european countries as well. Always demanding special treatment which our politicians always are happy to oblige them with while mainstream media is constantly covering up everything negative with immagrants and muslims. Does it perhaps sound familiar to you no matter if your british, french, dutch, german or other?

Since our choices are quite limited, parties who are critic to all this gets marginalized and stamped as rascists. The media won't let you raise your voice in protest as it is strictly controlled by the power-elite. That leaves us the internet blogosphere and certain internet forums who are not too tightly moderated. This makes one wonder how long until they manage to close that door too for us, thus having all control mechanisms at their disposal making it so much easier to dumb down the "sheeple" with retarded entertainment, while we in our daily chores are bullied by fanatic islamists. Don't think for a minute their beloved and holy sharia is only going to apply for them. Oh no, that means us kuffar and dhimmis too, us infidels will have to abide to those very strict life that regulates life in absurdum and if you fail to comply , you will be punished. Punished most harshly, perhaps getting flogged, amputated or even loose your very own life.

All the freedoms we, several generations has enjoyed so far, could be gone in the blink of an eye and replaced with an teocratic islamofascist policestate of the worst kind. Not even Freddy Krueger could have dreamt up a nightmare that bad. So stand up for your rights before it is too late.